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What we do

We assist our clients in optimizing their purchasing, logistics and quality control. The “black box” of producers, intermediate companies, brokers and agents frequently results in unclear communication, expensive pricing, and quality and delivery problems. There is a need for transparency and optimization within the supply chain. ProQare Packaging is the designated independent partner to guide her customers and link them directly to the most appropriate sources. We do this globally in a wide range of product groups.

ProQare Packaging analyzes your current procurement processes, product groups, quality/price ratio, suppliers and contracts. Based on the outcome, we advise and assist our clients in optimizing their performance on procurement and logistics. This leads to significant savings in procurement, smart and efficient logistical solutions and sufficient product quality. We simply ‘relieve’ our clients!


Quality control

ProQare Packaging ensures a professional supervision of your goods during processing, shipping and delivery. Among other specifications, materials, packaging materials and production sites are checked professionally and independently. This is to ensure that they do not only meet your specific...



Using our global network, knowledge and experience, we are able to significantly improve the return on your purchase package. ProQare Packaging selects potentially interesting suppliers for you, puts you in direct contact with them and negotiates the best purchase prices, terms and conditions for...

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