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Who we are

ProQare Packaging represents Procurement, Quality and Care. We fully ‘relieve’ our customers in the areas of global procurement, logistics and quality. What sets us apart? A reliable network of professional packaging producers in the food and non-food sector, combined with years of experience in global sourcing/procurement. We offer full disclosure and transparency on subjects like price, product, conditions and supplier/manufacturer.

With our global network, experience and personal presence of our professional team in both Europe and the Far East, we guide our clients straight to the most appropriate source. We do this as an independent partner, completely transparent and without intervention of traders/brokers. Combined with a clear and no-nonsense revenue model, ProQare Packaging ensures maximum benefit on your procurement and sufficient quality control. In addition you get full control, insight and visibility within your entire value chain. Of course; no cure, no pay!

ProQare Packaging focuses especially on clients in the food and non-food sectors like aviation, retail, and cash & carry stores. We specialize in product areas such as porcelain, stainless steel cutlery, paper packaging, plastic disposables and rotables, foil/film, environmental friendly packaging, textiles, glassware, cups, etc.


Maarten Halma

A strong and reliable businessman with the drive to face any challenge and turn it into a success. With his years of global experience in the packaging industry and retail business, he sees opportunities and finds the most appropriate solution. He is driven and thinks in terms of possibilities, not limitations. Through his energetic demeanor, Maarten is an inspiring and motivational leader among his customers and colleagues. A true professional who always seeks out the best result for his customers.


Lilian te Poel

Lilian is the Management Assistant at ProQare Packaging. She is critical, pro-active, extremely supportive and has excellent organizing skills. Lilian’s diligent work and passion for quality ensure all projects are managed efficiently. Next to that, she creates a caring and inspiring environment for the team members of ProQare. Her “behind the scenes-leadership-role” makes Lilian a valuable asset to ProQare and the clients we serve.



Morena van Krevel

Morena is the quality specialist within ProQare Packaging, and is an important asset to the organization. She is in constant contact with both customers and productions regarding all quality issues. She is responsible for the continuous monitoring and improvement of the Qualitymanagementsystem. Morena supports a team of specialists, and works closely with them in the field of data analysis and problem solving. With years of experience in the packaging world in multiple fields, Morena has built a very broad knowledge base. This wide skill set makes her a valued employee and partner to our customers. Morena is reliable, committed and very precise, and works sincerely and diligently to deliver outstanding service.







Wuxi, China


Annie Yang

Annie is Chief Representative of ProQare Asia, our office in Wuxi, China. She is familiar with import and export procedure and good at file management. Annie has a very rich experience in foreign company’s sourcing & tracking & quality control in China. With more over 10 years of purchasing experience in disposable products like the paper, plastic, wood, bamboo, aluminum and tin industry, she adds a great value to our Asian team. Furthermore, Annie has a good relationship with current suppliers and other potential suppliers, she always makes the right decision to find the suitable & capable suppliers for different customer!

Louis Ji

In his role as General Representative, Louis has a key role in the Asia organization, relating to New Business. Louis has lots of experience with new factory audits, and its production processes. After years of study in University, with “Packaging Engineering” as his major, Louis has a large knowledge of packaging. After this study, and after lots of years working experience, Louis is familiar with many different packaging products, especially for reusable products and luxury packaging. Louis is focused on sourcing and quality control. With his large knowledge, Louis always has the right suggestions and connections for perfect potential suppliers.